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International Retail Banking-Fintech Forum London 2018

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The 2018 International Retail Banking Fintech Forum will gather executives from banks and leading fintechs around the globe, to share their real-world experiences of bank-fintech partnerships and collaboration. With a firm focus on case studies and practical examples, the conference will present an opportunity to learn from — and network with — the business leaders who are driving the digital transformation of retail banking.

We'll explore how the combined use of several technologies including real-time payments processing, real-time risk analysis, API marketplaces & platforms, AI & machine learning, biometrics and Regtech is opening up the playing field to new players including fintechs and existing players including smaller banks and consumer finance businesses. Given the threats arising from Brexit, we note that the UK government and regulators are making a serious push to position London and the UK as a global fintech centre that can continue to deliver innovation and broaden access to financial services, and potentially serve as a model for other economies.

Many successful retail banks are leveraging partnerships with both fintech companies and the Big Tech companies to transform their businesses. As banks upgrade their technology platforms and move towards marketplace models, they are finding willing partners among the thousands of fintechs that wish to provide one service exceptionally well — often through APIs.

Drawing on examples from the 150+ case studies compiled in our Retail Banking 2020 Research Service, The International Retail Banking-Fintech Forum will unpick the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Delegates will hear from guest speakers and panellists on the partnerships, developments and technologies that are driving success for their businesses.

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Conference topics will include:

The API economy & platforms for successful Banking-Fintech partnerships
It's still early days in the Open API but already it's clear that fintechs are placed to lighten the bank burden in:

  • Digital identification and verification
  • Disintermediation through PSD2 and Open Banking
  • Accelerators and Incubators

Can banking keep up with Big Tech's customer-centred AI?
We look at the successful use case of artificial intelligence and deep learning in:

  • Customer experience & conversation as a platform
  • Risk & compliance
  • Credit scoring & lending

The Applications of Technology and Design for the Payments Industry
A key to success is maintaining customer loyalty & building trust in cyberspace. We will look at case studies on:

  • Digitalisation and designing for the online world
  • The intersection of offline and online worlds
  • How to make payments disappear

The Public and Private Blockchain Ecosystem for Banking & Payments
No one owns the internet: will banks remember lessons learned from joining the online world?

  • Cybersecurity, risk and permissions
  • Banks, regulation, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


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ClearBank is regulated and authorised and is on track to open its doors in Autumn 2017 to financial services providers, FCA-regulated businesses and Fintechs that require access to UK payment systems and core banking technology to support current account capabilities.

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