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Gilberto Vizzini

Gilberto Vizzini

Gilberto Vizzini — Country manager UK Branch & strategy director BU Destinatios

Gilberto's role at Il Prisma Group is to drive the Uk branch and inspire all the creative sectors of the Group driving the strategic process for the international projects. To understand people's needs, to find the best solutions to create spaces that support you and not just containing you, to build the imaginary bridge between customers and brands. This is the focus of his activity. Working in different fields has taught him how to look at reality from different sides and how to use lateral thinking to improve people's life through the design of the spaces.

Now with Il Prisma Group, he explores every side of the human behaviours and culture, designing to enhance the customer experience in every environment. He has a specific focus on the design of the new "Destinations" in retail, hospitality and leisure sector: conceptual places where customers have a complete full immersive experience into the brand essence.


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