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It might be rightly argued that financial technology created, or at least enabled, the modern banking industry. Certainly, without the internal and customer-facing applications of financial information management that have emerged over the past half-century, it would be impossible to imagine how any bank could effectively serve the financial needs of its customers.

From the core systems that comprise the technology innards of all financial institutions to the niche solutions that serve portions of their client bases, banks and other financial services providers continue to collectively invest billions of currency units every year in an attempt to keep up with the expanding demands of their clients and to sustain their perceived technological advantage in the marketplace.

Understanding that the customer bases of all financial institutions are increasingly interrelated, Lafferty Group has devised an event format that provides interactive forums on the most pressing current business line challenges facing banks and other financial providers in key areas — Consumer Banking, Business Banking, Payments & Cards, and Mobile Wallets. Offering delegates, sponsors and exhibitors four events occurring concurrently, Lafferty Group Presents The FinTech Wave: Europe delivers the highest degree of flexibility to all participants in designing their onsite — or remote access — experience.

The word "fintech" has become ubiquitous and somewhat hollow over the past generation. Lafferty Group has elevated it to a proper noun — FinTech — to underscore not only its essential roots in the banking business, but also to project its future importance in the industry. Participants in this bellwether event — delegate, sponsor or exhibitor — will be better prepared to successfully anticipate and respond to competitive and evolutionary challenges they encounter in their markets, and their investment in this event will be amplified many times.

Mounting in London in October 2019, Lafferty Group Presents The FinTech Wave: Europe will welcome more than 1,000 delegates from retail and business banks, cards networks, merchant acquirers, payment service providers, fintechs and professional services firms.


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About Lafferty Group's The FinTech Wave: Business Banking Event

Business Banking is perhaps the most exciting sector in today's financial industry, with global, national, regional and challenger banks, and Big Tech and FinTech firms, all seeking to capture attractive chunks of the business. Business Banking comprises the lower end of what has been called the Middle Market, and the upper portion of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) market.

Business Banking can be extremely profitable when it's well executed, and can (and should) be an effective and profitable complement to any bank's consumer and commercial banking businesses. Lafferty Group has built an agenda that highlights the major challenges around Business Banking delivery, and how it can best serve the rapidly evolving and maturing needs of Business Banking clients. Accordingly, this event is not just for bankers — it is also for business owners and senior executives in SMEs.


About Lafferty Group's The FinTech Wave: Consumer Banking Event

Long neglected prior to the early 1980s, consumer (or retail) banking has progressed from a renaissance through a revolution to a reboot over the past 40 years or so. Banks understand that a vibrant consumer technology environment only raises their customers' expectations on the financial side of their lives, and FinTech firms have responded with an impressive array of high-capability solutions for the consumer banking market.

All financial services providers know that they must balance their levels of financial technology investment with the prospective financial return from finicky and price-conscious consumers. That precarious line is only becoming thinner over time, as bank shareholders rightly express their concern over the lean and lingering ROI margins for consumer banking technology investments.

Learn the new math on those returns at The FinTech Wave: Consumer Banking event.


About Lafferty Group's The FinTech Wave: Payments & Cards Event

Ever since the first bank credit card was introduced 60 years ago, financial institutions have been doggedly determined to more directly control the payment flows of their customers. Whilst various paper payment items had been available to consumers and businesses for centuries, the availability of a convenient and durable plastic rectangle in customer purses and wallets ushered in a new era of payment convenience that banks could offer.

As the digital payments age dawned, other opportunities and potential pitfalls confronted banks, and a new range of payment options became available...and easier for customers to manage on their own, with or without the assistance of their banks. Facilitating commerce through payments was no longer a bank default.

Flash forward to today, where cards still proliferate and payments are precipitous for banks. The unique perspectives that can be found in The FinTech Wave: Payments & Cards event are essential for all financial services providers.


About Lafferty Group's The FinTech Wave: Mobile Wallets Event

At the outset of the 20-teens, it seemed that every Big Tech company and large bank was developing its own mobile wallet, in many case putting the slick technology horse before the broad merchant acceptance cart. Several years hence, there has been a significant culling of the mobile wallet landscape, but there remains a struggle for issuers to gain telling traction in what likely remains a confused and sceptical marketplace.

Mobile wallet success is reliant upon continued progress on ease of use and merchant acceptance. Banks are challenged to maintain yet another payment affinity with their customers, and FinTech firms must fight through the competitive clutter of cacophonous claims.

At The FinTech Wave: Mobile Wallets event, delegates, sponsors and exhibitors will participate in a spirited exchange around the near-term promise and long-term viability of mobile wallets, and how all dialogues in that conversation will benefit.


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